Wholesale Building Products has been developing strong relationships with leading manufacturers in the industry for 40 years. See for yourself the list below of trusted suppliers we align ourselves with. We guarantee our customers will get the support, training and merchandising they need to implement our lines of products into their market. You can be assured our products meet or exceed the United States’ strict code requirement, including ASTM and UL listings.

We have a team that closely monitors market fluctuations to ensure we stock the right material at all times. We focus on specific knowledge of the variations between different islands and what we need to meet our customers’ demands throughout Florida and the Caribbean. Our lumber and plywood buyers are always in contact with the best quality mills in the United-States and in South American (Brazil and Chile are the main countries of origin for our imported wood products) to keep our inventory priced right.

We specialize in rough building materials, including but not limited to lumber & timbers, plywood, concrete restoration, tile installation systems, roofing products, weatherproofing, insulation, fasteners & connectors, framing products, rebar & concrete reinforcement accessories, and doors.


Our Jacksonville warehouse is the home of Southeast Reman, our sister company, where we can service any lumber and timber order. We manufacture surfaced lumber in house and make our own tongue & groove, shiplap and pattern 105 boards in southern yellow pine and cypress. We have all the necessary equipment to run custom patterns and sizes as well, you simply need to ask!

Please visit the Products section of our website for an extensive list of the material we keep in stock.
You can also download our Product Line Card for a quick overview.



Our logistics strength is the consolidation of mixed products from various vendors. In addition to our large inventory, your WBP sales team will assist in sourcing and delivering your special orders. We have 40 years of experience in the building materials business, if there is anything you, or your customers, are looking for, we can find it and ship it for you.

We work with our in-house freight forwarder and customs brokerage firm. EZ Forwarding benefits from decades in the industry and maintains the best relationships with all major shipping lines in and out of Florida. We also coordinate direct shipments of wood products, such as plywood, hardwood and wallaba shingles, from South America to Florida and the Caribbean. Finally, when possible, we distribute with the major lumber barges out of Mobile, Alabama, and Savannah, Georgia.

Both our facilities, in Hollywood and in Jacksonville, are fully equipped to load flat racks and containers with a diverse mix of building materials, lumber and plywood. If you prefer, we can also work with your freight forwarder of choice and we will deliver to any location in the tri-county or Jacksonville area with our fleet or modern trucks and certified drivers, free of charge.



Selecting the best materials for your project

Giving you a variety of products and options, we are proud to align ourselves
with the top vendors in the construction and building industry.

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